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Quick update on our most recent flip: The Harvest House (which you’ll see befores & afters of in blog posts very soon) is officially under contract after 5 days on the market! The first couple that looked at it made and offer and we are set to close in July! Here’s to hoping the Blue Bungalow goes that quickly! 🙂

Now back to the Show House! Today is all about the bedrooms (the master bedroom being the main focus of this post). The 3 additional bedrooms all got the same treatment: new carpet, smooth ceilings and paint on the walls and trim. Here’s a before/after of one of the rooms, just so you can see what a little paint and carpet can achieve!



While minimal updates were needed for the additional 3 bedrooms, the master bedroom definitely needed some help…


Let’s quickly talk about the obvious (and maybe not so obvious) issues:
1. Dark, dark paint on the walls
2. Light, dingy carpeted floors
3. One, single off-center light for such a huge room
4. No door to the master bathroom because the walls were not on the same plane
5. Closet door was in the (previously) tiny master bathroom


So what did we do?
1. Prepped those dark walls for a fresh coat of paint
2. Removed the carpet
3. Installed 4 can lights in the cathedral ceiling and one hanging light in the sitting area
4. Removed the old wall and built a new one so the master bathroom could actually have a door!
5. Opened up the wall for an entrance into the master closet


Obviously we could have done the necessary changes, smoothed the ceilings and been done with it… But this is THE SHOW HOUSE! So the cathedral ceiling in the master got the same treatment as the dining room with shiplap and a custom circle milled pine beam. A barn door leading into the closet was also added. This master bedroom felt about 100x bigger just by changing the paint color, but it is so impressive with all the other details and I’m so glad we took the time to customize this master retreat.

All that’s left are the bathrooms and then The Show House will be officially documented! Stay tuned for that post next week 🙂

Thanks for joining!

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