Show House Foyer

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope your week has been tolerable, and I hope your weekend is amazing! I thought I’d end the week with one of my favorite parts of The Show House – the foyer! There aren’t many houses that have a show-stopping kind of foyer, but compared to what we started with, this one is definitely a show-stopper. Enjoy!


What you saw when you walked in the front door of The Show House. That is a coat closet to the left, taking up about half of the width of the foyer itself. Straight in front of you is a door (there’s no reason to have a door there) going into the family room.

The coat closet was removed and a built-in hall tree with a bench seat (to hide the air returns) was built in it’s place. I love how much it truly opens up the space and expands your line of sight.




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